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We have the capabilities to promote your product or business to a global audience. Our strategic campaigns produce results and we have the analytics to prove it! In addition to generating leads, we also specialize in informational campaigns and public awareness of current events. We can write articles and place them in the proper niches for you to reach an audience that cares about your ideas and opinions. Our marketing specialists are capable of targeting specific languages, locations, and special interests; start reaching your target audience today!

Business Class Services

Massive WAVs offers business class promotion services to help drive traffic to your websites and generate relevant leads. We offer strategic marketing and targeted advertising plans, along with analytic reports, to help you develop your luxury brand, or business.

Massive Statements, Ride the WAVs

We believe that cross promotion is the key to success. Every artist that shows support receives support from our organization. Ask us about being a featured artist or business, it is as simple as featuring Massive WAVs on your own page!

We thank our subscribers for promoting the artists and businesses on our channels, check our Telegram for giveaways and contests!

Next Month Massive WAVs

Next month I will be auctioning off an antique at the Rock Island Auction Company auction house in Illinois. It is an antique dagger, handmade of assorted stone and metals. It is gauranteed to be authentic and the story behind it is mysterious.

A middle eastern man carried it, now a victim of war. A soldier brought it home, a trinket of his victories and successes during battle. It is considered a Cold War object, not found on any normal battlefield.

The proceeds will be going towards the startup costs of my business. I have been developing some of the domains which I own and this money will really help with the formation of my LLC this year as I move away from a sole proprietorship.

The starting price will be around $1,000-$2,000. I will let you all know when it is in the mail and headed for auction, details of the auction house are listed below. I will be watching the auction via webcam, thank you!

7819 42nd Street West
Rock Island, IL 61201

Targeted Advertising

We help you to develop your advertising campaigns to reach specific demographics related to your business. We can also help you to analyze existing insight-databases provided by partners of Nielsen.

Creative Experts

We are creative experts, helping you to design and bring you ideas to life. Presentation can be the key factor when it comes to closing a deal; we help you to prepare creatively intelligent advertisements and marketing materials for your campaign.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing to every one of our clients on an individualized basis. Your business deserves a custom marketing plan and we are experts at strategizing for you. Our quotes are formulated based on what stage of business you are at as well as your specific needs and requirements. Each industry is different and our pricing experts are well aware that you will benefit from a properly allocated marketing budget.

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